Visual Trends

Spring / Summer 2017

Chapter I


Color Blocking

CH 01 — Colors

Popular photos from the last couple of years were dominated by muted colors, minimalist aesthetics, and artfully restrained looks.

Right now, we find ourselves in a transition toward a bolder, more dramatic look:
Color blocking.

It’s a visual effect that works by putting contrasting or even complementary colors next to one another. The resulting clash of colors has a captivating dynamic, not least because it's such a departure from the minimalism we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

The effect is ideal for grabbing and retaining a viewer’s attention. 

In photography, it also works as a backdrop when you want to highlight a person or product. Place them right at the intersection of colors and they’ll appear as in the eye of a storm.









CH 01 — Colors

II. Red and Black

This look comes to us right from the fashion runways: It's a combination of eye-catching red and contrasting black. 

With such a limited color palette, photos have a similar vibe to monochrome shots.

The reduction makes them appear calm but their alarming red tones demand attention. Sounds like a paradox? This look is the closest thing to it, and we can’t stop looking.


Visually, this color combination is closely related to color-blocking and shares many of its effects: It’s simple but effective, fashionable yet timeless. 

Pair it with a punchy headline for some effective messaging, guaranteed to be noticed.







CH 01 — Colors

III. Silver

In our previous report we included golden shimmer and yellow tones. It was a trend that befitted both the holidays and the darker period of the year. 

Now that summer is around the corner, we’re noticing gold being swapped for a close sibling: Silver.


The color retains the hypnotizing shine and glitter, but dials back the warm tones for a cold hue that nicely contrasts with the summery temperatures.

Silver carries references to the disco movement as well as to the aesthetics of the 1990s – a period that has been seeing an unexpected revival. While the period wasn’t a highlight in terms of fashion or culture, it was a time of reinvention after the end of the Cold War. This turned it into a foundation upon which much of our current culture is based. 

Silver encapsulates this spirit in a playful way, meaning that you can use silvery photos to add a touch of glamor while staying firmly grounded.







CH 01 — Colors

IV. Millennial Pink

This color is a far cry from the bubblegum hue we tend to associate with the term ‘pink’. A mixture of peach and salmon tones, it got its name from enjoying popularity among the audiences of social networks. 

In 2016, Pantone declared it their color of the year. Ever since, Millennial Pink has begun showing up everywhere from websites to interiors. In photography, we often see it as a wall color or in clothing that accentuates a subject’s skin tones.

The story of this color is also that of a remarkable turnaround. For many years, pink was frowned upon for being the stereotypical color marketers used to appeal to female audiences. Activists argued that it artificially reinforced the differences between genders. In their protest, they ended up cleverly appropriating the color’s meaning.

These days, pink stands for an expression of self-confidence, strength, and feminism: During January’s Women’s March, pink was the color chosen for the now iconic “pussy hats”.









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