Spring / Summer 2017

Visual Trends


See which colors, subjects, and styles will drive the photo world in the coming year – and catch up on the predictions of the last.

Powered by 20 million photographers, EyeEm is one of the world’s most driven photography communities and a dynamic marketplace for images. We constantly analyze what community members share and what themes are trending, allowing us to crowdsource the hottest visual trends of each season.

Trends don’t emerge in a vacuum: They’re caused by the interplay of world events, technological progress, and artistic interpretations. You’ll notice that many of the trends we observed are rooted in fashion, but also in societal developments and current events.

We’ve divided this edition of our trend report into three chapters: 

For each one, we’ll explain what makes the particular trend popular, how to spot it, and give examples of how you can use it in photography or communication.

Colors, Subjects, and Styles.


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Chapter I